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Deep Clean is a Municipality approved Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Cleaning Service in the UAE, established in 2011. Deep Clean has rapidly distinguished itself as a quality-driven service provider for state-of-the-art properties such as Malls, Hotels, and all types of buildings and high rise towers. Our team is trained to the highest standards within the industry and adhere to the ethos of - “Your satisfaction always comes first”.

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    We have long been known for our distinguished cleaning services in big shopping malls, office buildings and corporate headquarters, showrooms, and stores. We strive to unobtrusively and perfectly do our job so that our clients mind their own.

    commercial interior cleaning
    Commercial Interior Cleaning
    house keeping service

    Industrial Cleaning Services

    We provide leading Industrial Cleaning solutions, encompassing a range of commercial and heavy industry applications through many different markets. Our service quality is assured by our own industrial cleaning research and development team, which pursues the most effective and safest methods to treat industrial spills, damage, and limited access areas.

    industrial cleaning
    Industrial Cleaning
    factory cleaning
    Factory Cleaning
    tank cleaning
    Tank Cleaning

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